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 كيف يمكن أن نثبت وجود الله سبحانه تعالى من الحس المشترك





We have five external senses; (i) Seeing, (ii) Hearing, (iii) Smelling, (iv) Tasting, and (v) Touching. 

When any thing comes to our mind from any of these senses, our mind processes this information.

There are five internal faculties of our brain that help in processing the information and restoring it for future use.

These are; (i) Common Sense, (ii) Incredulity (Doubt), (iii) Imagination, (iv) Notion (thought), and (v) Memory.

Common Sense is the processor that analysis the information in the following two ways.

  • If the information is coming from outside, the process is called as ‘Incredulity’ (doubt).  
  • If the information is coming from inside, the process is called ‘Imagination’.

There are two drives or reservoirs in our brain where processed information is dumped for future use.   These are, (i) Notion (thought), and (ii) Memory.

Now-a-days, the science of skull is known as ‘phrenology’ which identifies various parts of brain and their functioning. Modern psycho-analysis is a vast subject, we will not go into details here.

When we look at an outside picture, the ‘common sense’ studies it and separates meanings from the apparent picture.

For example, when we look at a tiger, our common sense separates the meaning ‘powerful’  from tiger’s picture. 

The information analyzed is ‘ tiger is powerful ’.

The process of separating ‘meanings’ from outside ‘picture’ in the Common Sense is known as ‘the process of Incredulity (doubt)’.

Why this process is called ‘Incredulity’? Because drawing of meanings by individual men and women could be right or wrong depending upon their knowledge about facts of things.

Like, a person is looking at an Idol. His common sense is analyzing the picture and drawing the meanings that the ‘idol is God’.

Another person is looking at the same idol, and his common sense is drawing the meaning that the idol is  ‘a statute of mud/metal, made by a human being which does not have life and power even to move on its own’.

When we move our attention away from the outside thing, the picture goes into ‘Notional Reservoir’ and its meanings go into our ‘Memory’.

After sometime when we draw our attention back on the that thing, its picture comes out of the ‘Notional Reservoir’ and its meanings come out of our ‘Memory’ and they together become visible in our common sense.

‘Imagination’ is also the name of the process of our common sense. In ‘Imagination’ the thing does not come from outside. It comes from our mind.

A man brought a headless human body and body-less head of an elephant from his ‘notional reservoir’ and joined them together in his common sense. His common sense (via ‘imagination’ process) drew the meaning that this shape is ‘knowledgeable and eloquent’. He gave it a name ‘Ganesh Maharaj’ and brought it out in the world in the shape of an idol which has a long trunk and big belly. Gradually it became a famous idol god. Many idol gods and deities have originated from the ‘Imagination’ of different people.

Similarly, when Christians looked at the miraculous birth of Isa (AS) (Jesus Christ) they could not comprehend the facts.  Since there is no male intervention in his birth, their ‘common sense’ concluded that ‘he is the Son of God’.

If they had pondered over the facts of things and sought Allah’s (SWT) guidance, they would have realized that since Adam (AS) was born without biological father and mother, then it is possible that Isa (AS) (Jesus Christ) can come into this world without a biological father.

Similarly, some Muslim sects, like Salafis and their like minded groups,  read certain metaphorical verses (Aayaat-e-Mutashabihaat) of Holy Quran and their common sense concluded that (Nauzubillahi) Allah (SWT) has hands, eyes, etc.

They gave a body form to Allah (SWT) in their imagination. Since they know that Allah (SWT) is ‘not like any of His creatures’, they imagined that the shape of His hands is known to Him only.

If they had studied Quran and Hadith under the guidance of Shaiks of Ihsan, who are true Islamic monotheists, and pondered over the creation of this cosmos and sought Allah’s (SWT) guidance, they would have understood the facts of Allah (SWT) very well.

When a common man looks at water, his common sense draws the meaning that it is a life saving liquid which is used in many ways. The common man cannot go beyond this meaning as he does not know much about science. For a common man, water is an absolute reality. He touches it, drinks it and mixes it with various things and enjoys his life.

When a chemist looks at water, his common sense draws the meaning that it is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the ratio of 2 :1. Chemist knows about the chemical combination of various compounds. His common sense analyzes things better than a common man. For Chemist, Gases are absolute reality, and water is a notional thing (a thing in thought). Why he thinks so? Because He knows that if the gases are removed from water, the water will disappear. The Chemist also uses the water as any common man.

Similarly, a philosopher looks at water and his common sense draws the meaning that it is ‘matter’. Earlier it was in gases (Oxygen and Hydrogen) form, now it is in liquid shape. His common sense analyzes things with precision and his vision reaches to ultimate reality. For him, matter is absolute reality, and water (which is one of its innumerable shapes) is a notional thing (a thing in thought). Why he thinks so? Because He knows that if matter is removed from water, water will disappear. The philosopher also uses water for his various needs.

Can anyone say that any of the above three people are wrong in drawing different meanings of water in their common sense? The answer will be an emphatic ‘No’. Their understanding is as per their knowledge.

For many people creatures are real things. They stay with these things and never try to understand their facts.  For them God is a notional thing (a thing in thought).   If people knew about the reality of God, they would not have concocted stories about Him.   Some believe idols as gods, some believe that God has a family and some believe that God has hands and eyes.

All these fabricated stories show their ignorance about the facts of things in this cosmos.  

It is in Quran - Transcendent (magnificent) is your Lord, the Lord of All-Greatness, far above what they ascribe to Him’. (As-Saaffaat – 180).

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) taught us the reality of Allah (SWT).

It is in Hadith - Mohamammed Rasulullah (SAWS) said, ‘Allah (SWT) was Hidden Treasure; then He wanted to be known; therefore, He created this Cosmos’.

Every thing in the cosmos, from the invisible micro organism to the huge stars, including human beings, have been drawn from His Being (wajood). Meaning, the Absolute Being has the capacity to manifest ( become visible ) in various shapes and forms. He is the essence and source of all creatures and this cosmos.

It is in Quran - ‘Allah (SWT) is the light (existence) of the Heavens and Earth’. (An-Noor -35). At another place in Quran - ‘Allah (SWT) is the Manifest (apparent) and the Immanent (hidden - but actually present through out the material world) and He is the knower of all things’. (Al-Hadeed – 3).

Everything visible in this cosmos has its own attributes, whether it is in the shape of gas, liquid or solid. The soil has its attributes. Ask a geologist, he will tell how many kinds of soils are there and what are their characteristics (attributes). Mountain rocks have their own attributes. Ask an expert, he will tell you that some of them give us gems.

We human beings have a common attribute; that is servant hood. We are all servants of Almighty. Servant hood is our common attribute. This proves that all visible things in this cosmos are creatures.

The source of all creation is God. The name of the real worshipable God (Ilah) is Allah (SWT), who is the source of our existence.

This is denoted in Islamic Cradle Testimony (Kalima Tayyiba) – ‘There is no (real) God, but Allah (SWT), and Mohammed (SAWS) is the messenger of Allah (SWT)’. And this is the meanings of the above verses of the holy Quran.

True Muslims are knowledgeable. They are aware of the facts of things in this cosmos. They look at every thing and deal with everything as per its exigency (necessities), but their common sense does not stay with visible things, it reaches to the source, Allah (SWT).

Physical eyes of Non-Muslims and certain Muslim sects are active but their common sense is inactive because of their ignorance, that is why they ascribe creature attributes to Allah (SWT).

For true Muslims, their physical eyes and common sense, both are active because they are knowledgeable. They look at things, interact with them as per their exigencies, as per their necessities, but their attention is always focused on the main source, Allah (SWT).

For true Muslims, Allah (SWT) is real, visible and all things in this cosmos are ‘notional’ or things in thought. This is the meaning of Prophet’s (SAWS) Hadith of Ihsan in which he said - ‘ you worship Allah (SWT) seeing Him, and in case you fail to see Him, do your prayer knowing fully well that He is seeing you’.

This is also the meaning of another Prophet’s (SAWS) Hadith - ‘One who knew about himself, without doubt he knew about his Sustainer (Allah –SWT)’.

This is true Islamic monotheism explained to us by Prophet Mohammad (SAWS).


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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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