دعونا نصحّح العقيدة الاسلامية


حقائق عن الله سبحانه  و تعالى



It is in Quran 

'Allah (SWT) guides whom He will, to the straight path’.

(Al-Baqara – 213).



People have different perceptions about religion and god.  Some believe that stars and planets are gods. Some people consider in ‘Audait’ (Unique god), ‘Daudait’ (the big god and the cosmos) and ‘Taudait’ ( Parmatma – the big soul or spirit ).  The cosmos depends on these three gods. 

Some people believe that Divinity of Almighty and Servant-hood is combined in one body and believe Jesus Christ (Isa -AS ) as son of God.  They believe in Trinity; Heavenly Father (God) – Son of God – Holy Ghost.  They say that all the three are permanent, absolute and existing on their own, but all the three are one. Strange argument.

Some people believe that God is one, independent, neither beget, nor begotten and there is no one like him, but ascribe creature characteristics, like hands, ears, eyes with him.  In one breath they say He is formless, and in other they claim hands, eyes, face for Allah (SWT).  Strange belief.

Factual understanding of Unification (Tawheed) of Allah (SWT) is very important for our Salvation.  Please read detailed information in this context under following captions.


The opinions of Islamic scholars are divided on this subject. Some scholars say that we cannot see Allah (SWT) in this world but He can be seen  (i) in dreams, (ii) on the Day of Judgment, and (iii)  by paradise dwellers. 

Some scholars say that He can be seen anywhere any time.   It is in Quran :   "Verily (in truth ) Allah(SWT) is Omnipresent (existing everywhere every moment) and Omniscient (infinitely wise). ( Al-Baqra : 115 ).

Scholars' opinions are also divided if Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has seen Allah (SWT) during the "Night of Ascension"  (Meraj).  

We have explained below important facts  about the vision of Allah (SWT) in the light of Quran and Ahadith.  Click the above caption to read details. 


True Muslims are knowledgeable. They are aware of the facts of things in this cosmos.  They look at every thing and deal with everything as per its exigency (necessity).  Their common sense does not stay with visible things, it reaches to the source, the creator, Allah (SWT).  Read this interesting information which explains Tawheed in most common terms.   


If you believe Allah – (SWT) is one, but do not believe in His attributes (Like He is manifest, He is present everywhere every moment), or partially believe in His attributes, or associate creature characteristics like hands, eyes to Him, or associate some of His attributes with creatures, or associate partners or relatives to Him in Divinity, etc., you will fall under the category of ‘faithlessness’.

This is the reasons Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) said that out of 73 sects of Muslims, only one will be on the right path, the rest will be thrown into Hell fire on the Day of Judgment.

It is in Quran - "The people who strive in our way, We show and put them on the right path' (Al-An-Kaboot - 69).

Whenever we come across certain verses in Holy Quran which describe certain creature like attributes for Allah (SWT),we should first say that ‘ I believe in whatever is the purport of Allah (SWT) in this verse. Then, in order, not to get mislead by taking their literal/textual meanings, we should deduce their meanings as per the fact of the matter.  It is in Quran ‘ Nothing is like Him’ (Ash-Shu’ra – 11).

We have clarified many misconceptions of Muslim Sects about Tawheed in the light of Quran and Ahadith.  Read this important information. 


If we are interested to know details about a thing, like our human body, which is one of the illimitable creations of Allah (SWT), it requires special education, specific skills and years of dedicated research under competent scholars.

Imagine the complexities in knowing details about Allah (SWT) and this Cosmos. This is the reason many people developed strange theories which have nothing to do with Allah (SWT) or this Cosmos.

Correct faith about Allah (SWT) is an essential requirement for salvation on the Day of Judgment.

If you are mislead by unrelated philosophies developed by people who are blind (at heart) and are under veil from their Lord in this World, you run the risk of rejection by Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgment.


It is in Quran - ‘It is never (as they consider it to be); rather they will be under veil from their Lord (they will not be able to see their Sustainer on the Day of Judgment)’. (Al-Mutaffifeen – 15).

We have discussed this issue in greater detail.  Read this interesting information over and over again for complete understanding.  If you have any questions, refer them to Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri.


Allah’s (SWT) Being (existence) is independent. Our existence is dependent upon Him.  We have discussed in detail the relationship between independent Almighty and His dependable creatures.  In this context, we have answered the following questions.

Who is Allah (SWT)?  How is Allah (SWT)?   What are His attributes and potentialities?  What are His names? 

What are collective facts of creatures? What is the meaning of Creation? How things were created in this Cosmos?  What actually happens during creation?  How many creatures are their in the Cosmos?

Read this important information carefully and repeatedly for complete understanding.





السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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