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Who is on the right path? Only Choice for Muslims
Are we the real Muslims? A call for Ahle Sunnah
Guidlines for Ahle Sunnah Youth Who are the real Ahle Sunnah


Muslims in the world face identity crises.  There are so many divisions and so many sects in their community who propagate different dogmatic theories as truthful Islamic beliefs. In the midst of all these Da'wa campaigns individual Muslims have lost track of Correct Islamic Faith.

It is important for Muslims to sit down coolly and carry out  serious soul searching to find out what has gone wrong with their society. This site tries to find logical  and practical solutions to their problems related to faith. Click the following captions to read details.    


The Only Choice for Muslims

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The issue is not which Muslim group you belong to. The real issue is your Salvation on the Day of Judgment. It is a do or die situation for all Muslims.

We have provided details about the beliefs mentioned in the most authentic books of different Muslim Sects. Decide yourself whether or not if these are rightful Islamic beliefs. To support the authenticity of what is being written here, we have provided scan copies of the referred books and pages for ready reference of our readers.





Different kinds of Muslims

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Muslims around the Globe can be divided into 5 categories: (i) True Muslims, (ii) Secular Muslims, (iii) Liberal Muslims, (iv) Sectarian Muslims and (v) Sectarian Missionary Muslims.

Read interesting details that are an eye opener for many of us. Reading this information we realize where do we stand and what we need to do to improve ourselves to be real Muslims.




Are we real Muslims

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n the light of Quran and Hadith and as per Ijma (Consensus) of all Muslims, we have identified as to who are the real Muslims in the World. Very interesting information for everyone to read.








السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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