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الكتب والمقالات الإسلامية



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The Book of Prayer  (Kitaab-us-Salaat)

Prayer of Women

Method of Salah (Hanafi)

Ramadhan - Spiritual preparations

Ramadhan -Fasting - Qadr

Types of Fasts

Laylatul Qadr (The night of Qadr)

Issues related to permisable Sexual Practices

Method of Gusl (taking bath) Hanafi

Ablution (Wudhu) and Science

Method of Funeral Salah

Method of Eid Salah


Method of Hajj by Mufti Muhammad Akmal (Urdu)

Part1   :   Part2    :   Part3   :  Part4  :   Part5  :    Part6


Ahkaam-e-Roza by Mufti Muhammad Akmal (Urdu)

Roza Aur Niyyat (Download) -  (Play)

Sahri Ki Fazeelat (Download) - ( Play)

Roza Na Rakhnay Ke A'azaar Aur Roza Ki Qaza (Download) - (Play)

Roza Tornay Waali Cheezein (Download) - (Play)

Roza Tornay Ya Na Tornay Waali Cheezein (Download) - (Play)

Roza Na Tornay Waali Cheezein Aur Makroohaat (Download) - (Play)



English Translations of Hazrat Mohammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui's  (r) books on various Islamic topics (22 books).


Tawheed and Risaalat



Mohammad (SAWS) - the final Messenger of Allah (SWT)

The Ever Living Prophet Mohammad (SAWS)

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) the greatest by Ahmad Deedat

What Bible says about Prophet Mohammad (SAWS)

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) in Bible

The natural successor to Jesus Christ by Deedat

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) in Hindu Scriptures

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) in Parsi Scriptures

What famous Non-Muslims say about Prophet Mohammad (SAWS)


Articles by Maulana Mohammad Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (r)

Ijtehad and Mujhtahid

Whoever recited "La Ilaha Illallah" will enter paradise

Miladun Nabi (saws) in Urdu

Divine Harmony

Preservation and Compilation of Quran

A Shavian and a Theologean

The Quest for True happiness

The forgotten path of Knowledge

Spiritual Culture in Islam

Islam - The Universal Religion

Women and their status in Islam




Islamic Banking – strengthened by credit crunch

Mudaraba-based Investment and Finance

Riba-free Commercial (Retail) Banking

Interest, Usury, Riba and the Operational Costs of a Bank

Financial Needs of Muslims: A comprehensive scheme

Lending & Borrowing: In perspective

Currency Depreciation: Determination and applications

Riba and A General Theory of Interest

Money, Gold and Inflation: Some history and observations




Risk Analysis for Islamic Banks

Islamic Banking and Finance

A Handbook of Islamic Banking

Islamic Banks and Financial Stability - IMF Working Paper



Quran and Hadith - The Source of Muslim Philosophy

The Philosophy of Kalam

History of Muslim Philosophy

The Sufi Book of Life ( for modern Dervish )

Imam Suyuti

Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi  (1165 - 1240)

Sunni Scholar, Sufi, Scientist - Ahmad Raza Khan

Maulana Arshad-ul-Qadri

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri

Sufi Biographies


Ijtihaad of Prophet's (SAWS) companions

Tawheed and Shirk

Mawlid Shareef


Sunni Beliefs

The Concept of Bid'a in Islamic Shari'a

Conveying Rewards to the deceased (Isaale Sawab)

Answer to an enemy of Islam

Method of Fateha

The Knowledge of Unseen

A Just reply to a biased Author

Hajj and Umra Guide - PDF

Laws of Salah - PDF

Seeking Assistance from Other than Allah (swt)

Superior Woman and Inferior Man

Tohfatul Haramain Final - USA

Visiting Graves by Muslim Women

Endless Bliss 1. pdf

Endless Bliss 2. pdf

Endless Bliss 3. pdf

Endless Bliss 4. pdf

Endless Bliss 5. pdf


Islam's Reformers .pdf

The Sunni Path .pdf

Belief and Islam .pdf

The Proof of Prophet-hood .pdf

Answers to an Enemy of Islam .pdf

The Advice for the Muslim .pdf

Islam and Christianity  .pdf

Could not answer .pdf

The Confessions of a British Spy  .pdf

Documents of the right word .pdf

Sahaba - The blessed .pdf



الايمان و السلام

علماء المسلمين

 فتاوى الحرمين

 المنحة الوهبية في رد الوهابية

 فتنة الوهابية و الصواعق الالهية

 الفجر الصادق في الرد على منكري التوسل و الكرامات و الخوارق

 الدرر السنية في الرد على الوهابية

 اعترافات الجاسوس الانگليزي

 مصباح الانام وجلاء الظلام فى رد شبه البدعى النجدى

 مختصر تذكرة القرطبي للأستاذ عبد الوهاب الشعراني


Important Islamic Texts (pdf)  by Shaikh Gibreel Haddad

(BR = book review)

  Advice to Our Brothers the Ulema of Najd

  Al-Haytami's Critique Of Ibn Al-Muqrî's Takfîr Of Ibn Arabi
  Al-Shâfi`î and Tas.awwuf
  Amina Wadud's Innovation of Misguidance
  An Introduction To The Science Of Hadîth: Kitâb Ma`rifat Anwâ` `Ilm Al-Hadîth BR
  Baydawi on the Fawatih by Pierre Cachia
  Canonization Of Al-Bukhari And Muslim, by Jonathan Brown BR
  Contemporaries and Colleagues of Imâm Ahmad
  Dâr al-Hadîth al-Ashrafiyya in Damascus
  Defending the Ihya from those Devoid of Shame
  Enduring Myths Of Orientalism
  Fighting women of Islâm
  Fourth-Century Ash`arî Father and Son: Abû Sahl and Abû al-T.ayyib al-S.u`lûkî
  From al-Qârî's Dictionary of Hadîth Forgeries
  Hadîth History And Principles, Foreword to Sunna Notes vol.1
  Hadith of Adam tawassul through the Prophet
  Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda & Pseudo-Hanbali Aqida
  Imâm Al-Qurtûbî
  Ink of the Ulema Hadith
  Isnâd-Criticism by the First Four Caliphs
  Knowledge And Imposition Of Hands
  Reg. the wiping of the eyes upon hearing the call to prayer.
  Renewer Hadith
  Review of Ibn al-Salah Translation
  Strictness and Laxity in H.adîth Criticism
  Sufyan Al-Thawri
  Superiority of Fiqh over Hadith
  Suyuti's works in print at Princeton
  Taqwiyat al-Iman
  Tawassul and Tabarruk of the Salaf
  The “Disclaimed” (Munkar) H.adîth
  The “Famous H.adîth” and “Forgery” Compilations
  The Hadith "My Companions are like the stars..."
  The Hadith "Whoever visits my grave, ..."
  The Naqshbandiyya: Orthodoxy/ Activism In A Worldwide Sufi Tradition, by I. Weismann BR
  The Righteous Life and Works of Imâm al-Qâd.î Y. al-Nabhânî
  The Sufi Cloak
  The Two Su`lukis
  Tuhfat al-Labib bi-Nusrat al-Habib
  Verifyable Transmission (Isnâd) and the Sects
  Weak Hadith in Sahîh Al-Bukhari?

  `Â'isha's (RA) Age at the Time of Her Marriage
  `Â'isha's (RA) Age at the Time of Her Marriage; more on ~
  A Critical Reading of Lings'  'Muhammad' MHMD



Ahkaam-e-Shariah ( Part - 1 )

Ahkaam-e-Shariah ( Part - 2 )

Ahkaam-e-Shariah ( Part - 3 )




Unicode Converter - Use this Utility to Convert Fatawa-e-Razviya Books text to Inpage.


Answers to 1342 questions by Mufti Mohammad Khaleel Khan Qaderi (Courtesy Islamic Academy, USA & Ziaul Quran Pub. Lahore)


Free Download Bahar-e-Shariat

Read Bahar-e-Shariat

Bahar-e-Shariat (1939) is a voluminous encyclopedia of Islamic fiqh consisting of twenty books. Seventeen of its books were written by Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali Qadri Rizvi, a disciple of Ahmed Rida Khan. The rest of three books were compiled by his disciples after his death. The book is written in simple Urdu so that a common man can benefit from it. Bahar-e-Shariat guides you through almost all questions regarding any sphere of life.


Encyclopedia of Islamic Fiqh

en_Bulugh_Al-Maram (Imam Asqalani) (pdf)

en_Nukhbat_al_Fikr (Imam Asqalani) (pdf)

en_Adab_Al-Mufrad (Bukhari) (pdf)


Islamic Jurisprudence (English)

Maaliki Prayer Manual by Ustad Abdul Ibn Hamid

The Risala of Abdullah ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani - Treatsie on Maliki Fiqh


Fatwas of As-hab-e-Rasulullah

Fatwas of the Followers (Tabi'un)

Consensus (Ijma)

The practice of the people of Madina

Analogy (Qiyas)

Istihsan (Discretion)

Istishab (Presumption of Continuity)

al-Masalih al-Mursala (Public Interest)

adh-Dhara'i' (Means)

'Adat (Customs) and 'Urf (Customary Usage)

Conclusion, Terms index

Peoples and text mentioned


Coincise Urdu-English Dictionery


Books in Urdu

Maulana Andhe-ki-Laathi (download)

Maulana Andhe-ki-Laathi (Read)

Mawlana Andhe Ki Laathi is a written dialogue between a Sunni and Wahabi and Deobandi scholars. It is a ground breaking and lengthy discussion on the controversial topics of Shirk and Bid'ah. The book has been endorsed by leading scholars of India and Pakistan.


Tuhfatul Qaadriyyah






Articles in Urdu

Aaqa Alaihis Salam (14 Articles)

Aqeedah (27 Articles)

Fazeelat-e-Rasul (SAWS) (9 Articles)

Ta'aleemaat (20 Articles)

Aham Batein ( 54 Articles)

Qissa (2 Articles)

Ramadhan ( 7 Articles)

Tib wo Hikmat (12 Articles)

Aham Ratein (4 Articles)

Shaksiyaat (20 Articles)

Awliya (12 Articles) 

Eidain (7 Articles)


Islamic Edicts (Urdu)

Fatawa Razawiyyiah (Volume 8)

Fatawa Razawiyyah ( Volume 9)

Fatawa Razawiyyah (Volume 10)

Fatawa Razawiyyah (Volume 11)

Fatawa Razawiyyah (Volume 12)


Islamic Heritage Photos 

Important Islamic Heritage photos -  Part I

Important Islamic Heritage Photos - Part II

Important Islamic Heritage Photos - Part III

Important Islamic Heritage Photos - Part IV

For more Photos visit our Photogallary


Audio  Downloads

Complete Qaseedah Burdah Shareef (Arabic) with Urdu translation



Qasidah Burdah





Books Downloads 

Who is the founder of Darul-uloom Deoband (Urdu)

Kitab ul Aqa'id (Urdu)

Islami Zandaqi  (Urdu)


Learn Arabic Language

Arabic: (Free Languages package) for Windows

Lessons in Arabic Language (Book 1) by Dr. V. ‘Abdur-Raheem, Islamic University of Madeenah - 127 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 8.29 mb)

Lessons in Arabic Language (Book 2) -  223 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 14.32 mb)

Lessons in Arabic Language (Book 3) - 151 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 13.25 mb)

Arabic Negation Nouns

Arabic Prepositions

Arabic Adverbs of Time and Place


Arabic Learning books by Dr. Abdur Raheem

Click on link to download file

Click on link to download file



Arabic Writing Practice - Book 1
- 45 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 4.88mb)
- this book begins with practice exercises to assist in writing arabic letters, moving on to writing entire words.

Click on link to download file
Learning to read Arabic for beginners
- 36 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 4.65mb)
- this book begins with the Arabic alphabet ((alif, baa, taa...)) moving on to diacritics ((fat.hah, kasrah, dhammah...)), then word constructions, ultimately leading the student to be able to read Arabic, and most importantly Quran-e-Karim
Click on link to download file
Click on link to download file
Click on link to download file


Click on link to download file


Click on link to download file
Basic Arabic Verb Conjugation Chart
- 2 pages, Adobe Acrobat 5 document (size = 162kb)
Click on link to download file
A set of 9 important Arabic Verb Charts
Microsoft Word 2002 document (size = 528kb)

Click on link to download file



"Personal study notes to Dr. V. 'Abdur-Raheem's (Lessons in Arabic Language) - Book 3; [as taught at the Islaamic University of Madeenah]"
- 35 pages, Microsoft Word 2002 document (size = 597kb)
- by Abu 'Abdullaah - (important notes covering the topic of i'raab)



السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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