دعونا نصحّح العقيدة الاسلامية




Certain Muslim sects  equate prophets, particularly Prophet of Islam (SAWS) with general people. They forget the fact that the nature of prophets is exalted while the personalities of common men are generally overwhelmed with materialistic desires. The abilities and talents of Prophets are beyond our comprehension. General people need capability even to understand the factual teachings of Islam. Prophets are teachers of humanity appointed by Allah (SWT). Prophets are taught by Allah (SWT) therefore, they are knowledgeable. General people are illiterate who are required to learn from Prophets. How can a teacher be equated with his pupils? There are distinctions of ranks between various people and if we do not keep these distinction in mind, we lose the straight path of Islam.

Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) is the greatest among prophets and his respect is next only to Allah (SWT).  

They do not understand the simple fact and in their attempt to equate the family members of the Prophet (SAWS) and his companions with general people, alas, they destroyed their graves and erased all important relics of Islam which were maintained by Muslims for over 1300 years.  Some historians have mentioned that they attempted twice to destroy the tomb and grave of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) but Allah (SWT) saved it from their evil designs.


Can we trace a group of people, among Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, in the history of mankind, who not only killed their rivals, but also destroyed the graves of the family members of their own leader?  

Is there a group in the history of mankind who equate their leader with sinful members of their society?   


Is there a group of people in the history of mankind who have erased all relics of the companions of their leader?   Is there a group in the history of mankind who rebelled against their own truthful Imams?

Any historian will find that only Wahhabis / Salafis  have the distinction for these activities in the history of mankind.

Wahhabis  say that they destroyed all the important relics of Islam because people had started worshiping graves?   For argument sake, let us think that what they are saying is correct? But they could have stopped people from worshiping graves by several other means. Was it necessary to insult and humiliate the noble souls of important family members of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) and his companions by attacking their memorials and budozing them to the ground?

It is in Quran – ‘ Those who die in the way of Allah (SWT), do not call them as dead. They are alive, but you do not understand it’. (Al-Baqara – 154).

It is in Quran – ‘But verily the Home in the Hereafter, that is life indeed, if they, but knew. (Al-Ankaboot – 64).

It is in Quran – ‘Think not of those, who are martyred in the way of Allah, as dead. No, they are living with their Lord and are provided with food’. (Aal-e-Imran – 169).

It is in Hadith - narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (RU) that the Prophet (SAWS) said, ‘whoever goes by the grave of a believer and offers salutation (says Assalamu alaikum) to him, the believer recognizes him and answers back the salutation’.


The Hadîth "Whoever visits my grave, my intercession will be guaranteed for him" is a fair (Hasan) narration as concluded by Taqi al-Din al-Subki  in his book Shifa al-Siqam. 

In addition,   Abû al-Hasanât al-Lacknawî and his editor 'Abd al-Fattâh Abû Ghudda have also concluded it to be Hassan Hadith.  


There are innumerable Quranic verses and Ahadith which confirm that the believers, after their death, live in exclusive comforts which are better than this world. Why not, this was promised to them from their Lord.

Wahhabis and their like minded  sects claim that after death, people cannot talk or listen. They quote the following verse of Quran to prove their contention.

It is in Quran -  ‘ Nor or the living and the dead alike, Allah (SWT) surely will make hear to whoever He will like.  O’Prophet, you cannot make those hear who are in (steeped darkness like that of) graves. (Al-Fater – 22).

If we believe in the literal (textual) meanings of the Arabic word ‘Quboor’, as ‘graves’ in this verse, then we will have to deny many Quranic verses and Ahadith (mentioned above) which clearly say that the believers (real Muslims) are living happily in Hereafter and can listen and talk to us.  If we deny these verses or misinterpret these to deceive people, we will be out of Islam.   If we take the meaning of the Arabic word ‘Quboor’ as ‘steeped darkness like that of grave’, then there will not be any flaw in the understanding of all Quranic verses and Ahadiths related to dead Muslims.

It is very difficult to understand  'life after death' as it is hidden from our physical eyes.  The living' after death is not like 'our living in this world'.  When we restrict our understanding of  'the pattern of  life'  to  'our present physical life' , then we will never be able to understand more than half of Quran and Ahadith books as they describe 'life after death'.


If  we look the life after death with our limited understanding, we will fail to understand how a person can live in his grave.  No, they do not live in graves with their physical bodies.  Allah (SWT) provides them with other bodies as per the requirements of the 'Life after death'.


They live in the 'world after death'  which is a different world altogether. Our physical bodies are useful only in this Physical world.  Our bodies become part of the mud after we die.  Since these bodies belong to this physical world, they remain in grave and gradually get decomposed.  Sometimes Allah (SWT) protects even the physical bodies of Awliya Allah. 

But these bodies are not used by them for their living in 'Life after Death'.  Their 7 basic attributes of (i) life, (ii) knowledge, (iii) will, (iv) limited power, (v) speaking, (vi) listening,and (vii) seeing,   remain the same, rather are improved after death.  This is the reward of Allah (SWT) given to the believers (truthful Muslims).  With these improved faculties they can hear, see and talk to the people of their world as well as our world.

Their contact with our physical world is mostly at the place where they were buried.  This is the reason, Prophet (SAWS) said that when you visit the grave of a believer and say 'As-salamu Alaikum', he recognizes you and replies to your salutation.  Meaning, he recognizes you with his new body and improved faculties provided as a reward for his good deeds.  As the 'Life after death' is hidden from our eyes, the new bodies provided to the believers after their death also remain hidden from our eyes.


When we talk of these details, the followers of these sects question, show us these details in Quran and Hadith books?  They forget the fact that we are explaining true meanings of Quran and Hadith only.  We are not saying anything new. This is the reason all Muslims  should learn Quran and Hadith in the company of Awliya Allah and Sufi Shaikhs of Ihsan so that they don't  get mislead from their self study.

Earlier we could not see anything in the dark.   Now scientists have developed lenses with which we can see and take pictures of small objects on  Earth from outer space in the night.  Similarly, the Life after Death is a reality which is proved from Quran and Sunnah.  A sensible person can easily understand these facts.

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Almost all famous scholars (Akabir) of Deoband/Ahle Hadith/Tablighi Jama'at, etc., like   Rashid Gangohi, Qasim Nanotwi, Ya’qub Nanotwi, Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi, Mahmood al-Hasan, Husayn Ahmad Tandvee and many more had taken Bayyah (allegiance) on the hands of  Imdadullah Muhajir Makki.  Meaning,  Muhajir Makki was their teacher/Shaikh/Emir/Murshid. 

Imdadullah Muhajir Makki, the super grand shaikh of these groups  writes in his book “ Haft Masla”  as follows:

(Quote)  'Calling Upon Someone (dead) other than Allah'  .... Therefore, calling someone (who is dead) from a distance, either for remembrance, desirous of union or anxiety of separation, just like a lover calls his beloved, to give consolation to his heart, is not a sin.  The other sort of calling is where the caller wishes that the called one actually hears the call.  In this case, if the caller, through the cleanliness of his heart is seeing  the person called  spiritually (from the eyes of his heart), such a call is permitted.  If however, the caller does not see the called one but believes that the called one will receive his message through some means supported by evidence, even then the call is permitted…. From this we get the permission of the Wazifa : " Ya Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Sheun Lillah". If anyone considers that the Shaikh can help with the power he possesses of his own, it will be tending towards Shirk. But if the Shaikh is considered as "Wasila" (means) or these words are uttered with an empty mind considering them to carry "Barakah" (blessings), then there is nothing wrong with them  (Unquote)

What, As-hab-e-Rasulullah, mothers of believers, children of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS), must have felt when unruly mobs attacked their memorials with bulldozing guns, iron rods, spades and destroyed everything viciously.

What, Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) must have felt when his parents, sons, daughters and his close companions and relatives were treated with this barbarity and brutality and humiliated in this fashion?


What, Allah (SWT) must have felt when His beloved Prophet’s (SAWS) near and dear were treated with gravest form of viciousness in the hands of fanatic mobs and goons in the name of religion?

Can any one of us tolerate if mobs of militant extremists attack and humiliate our father, mother, children and other dead relatives and devastate their graves?

Same thing happened when heavily armed religious fanatics attacked unarmed aggrieved members of Prophet’s (SAWS) family in Karbala, Iraq, when grandson of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) Hazrat Imam Hussian (RU) and his family members were mercilessly martyred.

Wahhabis/Salafis, Ahle Hadith, De0bandis, Jama'at-e-Islami, Tablighi Jama'at and their like minded sects claim that the leader of that mob, Yazid, was a true Muslim, and say Raziallahu ta’ala Unhu with his name. They accuse Imam Hussain (RU) as  wrong doer.   Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

Dr. Zakir Naik, a very famous scholar of Ahle Hadith sect is reported to have recently said in a public gathering  "As far as the Ahl-e-sunnat-wal-Jamaat is concerned, inspite of the difference of opinion it is agreed upon that it is permissible to say “May Allah have mercy on him” or “May Allah be pleased with him” for Yazeed. Therefore saying “May Allah be pleased with him” after Yazeed’s name is not Haraam, nor a sin and is not wrong.”

There are innumerable Quranic verses and Ahadith which clearly state that Ahle Bait-e-Rasulullah (SAWS) and his children are pious and virtuous souls. 

It is in Tirmizi, Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) at the time of Hajjatul Vida gave last public sermon in which he stated that he is leaving behind two things, (1) Quran-e-Karim, and (2) his pious Ahle-Bait.  Don’t they read Quran and Hadith books?

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was asked by his son that a group of people (qawm) attribute us to [be with] Yazid , he replied, O son! Whoever believes in Allah, how can they have any association with Yazid? And why should he not be cursed (laanat) when Allah sends laanat on him in his Book.  The son asked where did Allah send laanat on him in his Book? The Imam replied “in this saying of Allah Ta’la”: 

It is in Quran - 'Do you then have the sign that if you get the authority, spread disorder in the land and sever your ties of Kinship? These are they whom Allah (SWT) has cursed and made them deaf from the truth and made their eyes blind. (Sura Mohammad -SAWS, Verses 22-23), and then says, is there any greater fasaad  than the assasination of Husain (RU)?

(Reference - The above is mentioned in multiple sources such as Ibn Hajar Makki in al-Sawa’iq al-Muhriqa page 333, Tafsir Mazhari v. 8. p. 434 Imam Barzanji in al-Isha’at, Qadi Abu Ya’la in Mu’tamad al-Usool, ibn al-Jawzi and so on).

Imam Jalal Uddin Suyuti mentions in his book ‘The History of the Rightly Guided Caliphs’ (Taarekh ul Khulufaa al-Raashideen);   “Nawfal bin Abi al-Faraat said  ‘Once I was with Umar bin Abdul Aziz when a man said in his presence  ‘Yazid, the leader of the believers’ (Ameer ul Mu’mineen). Umar bin Abdul Aziz said [in shock] ‘Did you call Yazid the Leader of the Believers? Umar then ordered for the man to be lashed 20 times”.


Those who accuse Ahle Baite Rasulullah and Imam Hussain (RU) as wrong doer;  and his assasin Yazid (let Allah's curse be upon him) as true Muslim,  should have some fear from Allah (SWT).  What will happen to these people on the Day of Judgment is anybody’s guess.  


The irony of the situation is, on the basis of their self acquired knowledge of Quran and Hadith, they claim that they are real Muslims?


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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