دعونا نصحّح العقيدة الاسلامية







Written   By

Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri 

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بِسم الله الرحمنِ الرحيم  

 الحمد لله رب العالمين ، والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين


It is a known fact that Muslim community in the World has been divided into 73 sects and innumerable sub groups of all kinds. 

Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a have been the  mainstream of Islamic community for centuries.  But now times have changed.  The real Ahle Sunnah have been reduced to a tiny minority within the community. They have become aborigine Muslims among the huge population of deviant settlers. They prefer to live within their close groups where they feel secure and comfortable.

We have described in this book how to save Ahle Sunnah wal Jama' in the world from the onslaught of misguided sects and their innumerable sub groups.  


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The onslaught of Sectarian Missionary wrongful beliefs on Muslim community is so powerful and so organized that it is difficult to protect the young generation of real Ahle Sunnah from the clutches of these organized deviants.   

The causes of decline of real Ahle Sunnah are summed up as below.

(i) When a lie is loudly proclaimed 100 times to a group of people, it starts looking like a truth to them. The heavy propaganda against the authentic Islamic practices of Ahle Sunnah over the past one hundred years has had this kind of effect on Muslim masses.  

(ii) When a truth is bogged down under the eloquence of polemics (religious debates) that involve misinterpretation of Quran and Ahadith, it is very hard to revive it. 

(iii) Media campaigns and brain washing is planned meticulously in the world these days. Advertising is done to target particular segments of society.  Modern day professional journalism and media reporting is done on these lines.  People in power, affluent dominating religious missionary groups, global business houses plan their media campaigns  in such a way that masses get carried away and act in a way that is led by them.

(iv) The platforms available to explain facts about Sahih Iman are extremely limited and too feeble these days. Everyone is afraid of the majority and dominating Muslim sects.  A few voices here and there are overwhelmed in the drum beats and shrieks of Sectarian Missionary deviant sects. 

(v) The position of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a in Muslim community  is pathetic.  They are in the powerful clutches, firmly gripped; whatever they do, they are not going to come out of these clutches, unless they are brainwashed into acceptance of the will of their powerful deviants.

(vi) The populations of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a are scattered, majority of whom live below poverty line. Illiteracy is rampant and they have been reduced into herds of sheep that are moved around to graze at the mercy of powerful missionary sects, until they are, either sacrificed at the alter (declared as Mushrikeen by a majority)  or brainwashed completely into accepting the wrongful beliefs propagated by them.

(vii) The Missionary sects target them from all corners. Ahle Sunnah are defenseless ducks.  They cannot save even their own children. Every home is vertically and horizontally divided into the adherents of different deviant sects who are poles apart in basic Islamic faith.  

(viii) Thirty years ago years ago, more than 90% of my friends belonged to Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a.  Now, less then 5% of them are real Ahle Sunnah.  A few have joined Wahhabis, some have become Ahle Hadith, some have joined Tabhligee Jama'at, some have joined Jama'at-e-Islami and some have become Deobandis, etc.  They have  been successfully  baptized by different sects. 




The problems with Ahle Sunnah are as follows.

(i) The problems of Ahle Sunnah are manifold.  Not only they face external onslaught of Missionary Sects, but they also encounter several difficulties within.

(ii) Of course, there are always exceptions and there are good Ahle Sunnah who are doing their religious duties well.  But their numbers are very small. They seem to keep quiet and it looks they are not sure about themselves or may be they are afraid of the deviant sects.  Allah knows, what is the problem with them.    

(iii) There are some Ahle Sunnah who consider themselves as highly knowledgeable, whereas they cannot read Quran correctly, let alone understand it.  When you tell them to go back to the basics and learn Quran and Hadith as it should be studied, they react sharply.  When you tell them to come out in open and defend their beliefs among their own friends and relatives, they shy away from it giving several excuses. They have formed certain smaller groups and prefer to remain within those groups.  But their group members leave them one by one and join Sectarian Missionary Muslim.  Why it is happening?  Because they are not trained to prove that their practices are correct as per Quran and Sunnah.

(iv) Some Ahle Sunnah are not bothered about what is happening to real Islam or its truthful followers.  They say, "we pray 5 times a day and try to be good Muslims.  We do not want to be part of Sectarian issues.  What is happening in the society is not our look out."  They are busy in their jobs and  rarely bother about their own families/kids.  What their children are doing, how they should be guided, etc., are left at the mercy of their wives.  The wives,  in turn,  follow their own way of life.  This class proves a soft target for Missionary sects.  They compete with each other to capture the children of these families.  

(v) Some people among Ahle Sunnah prefer to live in history and copy the practices of their famous Shuyookh of the past, but fail to convince others openly about the legitimacy of these practices in the light of Quran and Ahadith.  Salafis, Deobandis and fence sitters in Ahle Sunnah look at them with suspicion and brand them as out of Islam.

(vi) Some Ahle Sunnah believe that they cannot do much against the onslaught of the Sectarian groups in power/majority, particularly at a time when the followers of these sects are highly trained in polemics (religious debates) and are affluent in society and running several charity organizations to lure Ahle Sunnah into their fold.

(vii) Some Ahle Sunnah feel that it is difficult to express truth in front of a hostile gathering / neighborhood in view of being left alone in society.  They simply move along with the deviant sects and play as part of them.

(viii) Many people maintain silence of the lamb in order to survive in Muslim society which is overwhelmingly anti Ahle Sunnah.

(ix) Ahle Sunnah are facing the proverbial situation of choosing between frying pan and fire.   If they keep silent, their kids and relatives are sure to face torment (Azaab) in Hereafter.  If they defend their beliefs in open, they face the ire of the majority in Muslim Sectarian society. 

(x) Some Ahle Sunnah think that they should remain committed to the straight path of Islam and keep silent and wait for other sects to realize their mistakes.  This practice of a few individuals is creating doom for the Ahle Sunnah.  Because they are treated as outcasts even by their own children.    

(xi) The descendants of Silsilas, the great grand children of famous Shuyookh are involved in certain rituals without knowing why they are involved in it.  They have become shells without nut.  They say that their Shaikh used to do those practices, therefore, they do it.  But when someone questions them on these practices and asks them to prove these in the light of Quran and Ahadith, they get angry and start fighting. The followers of Missionary Sects make fun of them in public.  In such a scenario, their children are hapless cattle for powerful Missionary Sects' predators. They become victims of these sects one after the other.

(xii) The state of Dargahs is extremely pathetic.  The people serving these places are famous for notoriety and are often goons.  There are  infighting, embezzlement of funds, wrongful sales of  Dargah properties and exploitation of innocent people.  They are the ones who have damaged the image of Ahle Sunnah in the world.

(xiii) In the midst of this confusion, there are some voices, here and there, that attract the attention of the youth of Ahle Sunnah. They try to listen to them and feel consoled and happy that they are on the right path of Islam.  These voices are individual efforts which continue for a while and die their natural deaths.  Some people get benefited from them but when these voices are silenced for want of resources and support of their own people, the same old story repeats again.

(xiv) This is my personal experience that whenever I invite Sunni Muslims to read Tafseer-e-Asedi, the Hadith books guides written by me and my books online, they turn a blind eye.  They ignore the e-mails specially sent to them for this purpose. When I get in touch with them later and inquire if they had read what I sent  them, they express their inability in doing so because of their busy work schedule.  Some of them read a para or two and close.  To them this kind of information is not required. Some get confused by reading a para and get annoyed and reply me back by a hate mail. In turn when I explain them my intentions of sending the e-mail, they express regret for their hate mail and say sorry.  Even after saying sorry,  they feel lazy to read the information which was sent to them.

(xv) There are some immature Sufis / group leaders in Ahle Sunnah who have a circle of Murideen / Mu'taqideen / friends.  They are only interested to keep their people under the ambiance  of their circle rather than look into the wider spectrum of  religious education and training.  When I talk of educating people so that they are able to protect their children from faithlessness; these immature Sufis and group leaders consider it a danger to their positions and try to keep themselves and their people away from mass awareness.  They  try to find faults  with those who are sincerely trying to help Ahle Sunnah.  Personally, I have suffered a lot in the hands of these shortsighted group Sufis/Murshids/Group leaders. Everyone of them considers himself the ultimate Shaikh and behaves in a strange manner.   When I talk of reforms of Ahle Sunnah, these group leaders try to scare their people away by making false allegations. They are not bothered about Islam or what is happening to Ahle Sunnah in the World. They neither develop their teaching skills to educate their people nor allow them to learn to defend their Islamic faith.  They have developed strange theories in life and try to keep their people within the boundaries of those theories. These theories are presented to people as Islamic teachings.  Essentially they are egoistic and  shortsighted people. They do not realize that they have become road blocks for Ahle Sunnah. They are more interested in their status in their groups rather than salvation of their people.  They should know that they could remain leaders of their groups and at the same time educate themselves and their people by joining hands in mass awareness of  Ahle Sunnah.  

(xvi) Whatever are the reasons, our Sunni brothers and sisters are not interested in either training themselves or at least reading the information that will help them in protecting their children from joining faithless groups.  This thoughtless and careless attitude perplexes me. If their attitude is not changed immediately, sure they are doomed to get extinct very soon.  With them, their children will also face doom.  

(xvii) There is no strong foundation or a synchronized effort to teach the children of Ahle Sunnah on long term basis.  Poor hapless kids try to look to internet to find answers to their logical questions.  The internet is full of websites of the followers of Sectarian Missionary and  deviant sects.  They have hijacked the term "Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a"  and everyone of them claim they are Ahle Sunnah.  Title of their sites are deceitful, their home pages are misleading. 

(xviii) When Ahle Sunnah  kids come back home from surfing on internet or attending the Da'wa campaigns or weekly jama'at gatherings of various sects, there are questions in their mind.  The kids are forced to attend these Da'wa gatherings in their Colleges, schools and mosques (Friday sermons) as most of these places are run by various missionary sects.  Their innocent minds are continuously bombarded with faithlessness in the name of Islam.  They try to discuss these issues with their parents.  But alas, what they get in return is their parents' scolding, ire and warnings that they should not look at such sites or go in the company of such preachers.  The parents never attempt to explain to their kids why should they not listen to the outside counsel when it is supported by loads of references from Quran and Ahadith?  What happens next is very natural.  The kids start getting suspicious of their parents behavior. Gradually they consider their parents as deviants, polytheists, grave worshipers and what not.  They sever relations from them.  Some kids start preaching their parents and force them to join deviant sects. Over a period of time, I have seen parents also giving in and the whole family becomes part of  faithlessness in the name of Islam.
(xix) The Da'wa campaigns and baptizing methods of Missionary sects are efficient.  They will never disclose their identity in the beginning. They claim they are the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a.  You will have to study their beliefs in order to find out who they are.  After complete brainwash, the person generally comes to know the identity of his mentors.  But by that time it is too late for him as his mind starts working in a way as was desired by his mentors.
(xx) When the preachers of these sects come across a knowledgeable person from Ahle Sunnah, he understands their identity in a few minutes conversation. When he asks them if they belonged to a particular sect as is evident from their talk, they get annoyed and start convincing him by so many other ways. 
(xxi) Many deviant sects, particularly Deobandis invited me to join their group and explain them Islam.  I have seen many of our scholars who joined them with the intention of explaining them Sahih Iman, have themselves become Deobandis soon.  I told them to read my works available online.  And if they have questions, they are welcome to come back again so that these could be explained further.  I have never seen member of a deviant sect came back to me after reading my books.  Once they read these books, they avoid talking to me.  Whenever they come across, they keep mum in front of me, listen to what I had to say, and simply leave quietly.  They know they don't have answers to the facts presented to them.
(xxi) I have come across many preachers of these sects and many a times they run away from me when I start questioning about their insulting beliefs about the Prophet of Islam (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and other important Islamic personalities.  I always keep ready references  and many a time I show them  references of their books to prove their outrageous beliefs.  Once caught on the wrong foot, they avoid coming near you. I want all my brothers and sisters of Ahle Sunnah to get properly trained in religion so that they can ward off attacks on their faith and save their next generations from becoming victims of faithlessness.
(xxii) The deviant sects are like termites in Islam. It is not possible to eliminate the termite.  Once there is a damp in your home, the termite reappears again.  Ahle Sunnah need to keep a watch on deviants all the time, from generations to generations. They are so dedicated in their Dawa that even if takes 50 years, they will not leave you alone.  They keep on trying to catch members of your family, occupy your mosques, your teaching institutions in whatever manner they can.  I have seen when a strong Ahle Sunnah who protected his family and relatives during his life, when he died, the Deobandies infiltrated his home and caught many of his family members into their fold.  This has also happened to the family of great many shuyookh after their deaths which has resulted in disintegration of their Silsila. I have seen instances where the children and grand children of these shuyookh removed even the covering (Ghilaf) of the graves of their Shuyookh and prevented their children from visiting them.



It is important that every Ahle Sunnah realizes the urgency and try to save at least his/her own family by learning how to defend their beliefs and practices in the light of Quran and Ahadith.

The most important thing is  Ahle Sunnah should know that they are on the right path of Islam.   We need to raise the confidence level of Ahle Sunnah to an extent that they are at least able to protect their own children from becoming victims of faithlessness.  In this context, following steps are important.

(i) Every one from the Ahle Sunnah should make sure that their kids are taught about Sahih Iman right from their childhood.
(ii) There should be  Global, Country wide, and City level Ahle Sunnah information Centers where  answers to various issues related to Sahih Iman are provided.  For this purpose available resources; internet, electronic media, telephone and print media can be synchronized in an efficient manner.
(iii) Every parent should learn what is  Sahih Iman;  at least to an extent that he/she is able to provide answers to  questions asked by their children and relatives. 
(iv) Ahle Sunnah Kids should be trained in their homes and outside (wherever possible) about the skills of polemics (religious debates) on issues related to Sahih Iman.  They all should become defenders of Sahih Iman in Muslim community.  
(v) It is important that people learn to respect Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), Imams of Islamic subjects, and Awliya Allah and well known Sufi Shuyookh of Ihsan and try to emulate their character individually and collectively in Muslim society. Let all of us know that respect and love of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and Awliya Allah is the key to remain on the straight path of Islam.

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