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JUZ 19.4   WA QALALLATHEENA  (وَقَالَ الَّذِينَ)



سورة الشعراء


Ash-Shu'araa | Sura # 26| 227 Verses | Makkan


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ 

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 033
وَنَزَعَ يَدَهُ فَإِذَا هِيَ بَيْضَاءُ لِلنَّاظِرِينَ [ And he drew forth his (right) hand  (from the bosom through the opening of his collar) and it came out shining-white for the onlookers. ]
Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 034
قَالَ لِلْمَلَإِ حَوْلَهُ إِنَّ هَذَا لَسَاحِرٌ عَلِيمٌ [ Pharaoh said to the chiefs around him, 'He is indeed a skilled magician', ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 035
يُرِيدُ أَنْ يُخْرِجَكُمْ مِنْ أَرْضِكُمْ بِسِحْرِهِ فَمَاذَا تَأْمُرُونَ [ 'who wants to drive you out of your land with his magic, so what do you suggest?' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 036
قَالُوا أَرْجِهْ وَأَخَاهُ وَابْعَثْ فِي الْمَدَائِنِ حَاشِرِينَ [ They said, 'Let him and his brother have some respite, and dispatch mobilizers to all cities, ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 037
قَيَأْتُوكَ بِكُلِّ سَحَّارٍ عَلِيمٍ [ to bring you every skilled magician. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 038
فَجُمِعَ السَّحَرَةُ لِمِيقَاتِ يَوْمٍ مَعْلُومٍ [ So the magicians were brought together at the appointed time on a fixed day. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 039
وَقِيلَ لِلنَّاسِ هَلْ أَنْتُمْ مُجْتَمِعُونَ [ The people were encouraged through (public) announcements : 'Would you come to the gathering (and see the spectacle), ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 040
لَعَلَّنَا نَتَّبِعُ السَّحَرَةَ إِنْ كَانُوا هُمُ الْغَالِبِينَ [so that we may follow the magicians while they win (and feel happy for our triumph over  Musa (عليه السلام). ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 041
فَلَمَّا جَاءَ السَّحَرَةُ قَالُوا لِفِرْعَوْنَ أَئِنَّ لَنَا لَأَجْرًا إِنْ كُنَّا نَحْنُ الْغَالِبِينَ [ When the magicians arrived, they said to Pharaoh, 'Is there a reward for us if we win?' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 042
قَالَ نَعَمْ وَإِنَّكُمْ إِذًا لَمِنَ الْمُقَرَّبِينَ [ Pharaoh replied, 'Yes of course! (In addition) you will even be made my courtiers.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 043
قَالَ لَهُمْ مُوسَى أَلْقُوا مَا أَنْتُمْ مُلْقُونَ [ Musa (عليه السلام) said to them.  Cast what you want to cast. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 044
فَأَلْقَوْا حِبَالَهُمْ وَعِصِيَّهُمْ وَقَالُوا بِعِزَّةِ فِرْعَوْنَ إِنَّا لَنَحْنُ الْغَالِبُونَ [ So they threw their ropes and their staffs, and said, 'By the might of Pharaoh, We will surely win.']


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 045
فَأَلْقَى مُوسَى عَصَاهُ فَإِذَا هِيَ تَلْقَفُ مَا يَأْفِكُونَ [ Thereafter, Musa (عليه السلام) threw his staff, and behold, it swallowed all  their false devices. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 046
فَأُلْقِيَ السَّحَرَةُ سَاجِدِينَ [ (Looking at the miracle) the magicians fell down, prostrating, ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 047
قَالُوا آَمَنَّا بِرَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ [ saying, 'We believe in the Lord of the Worlds,' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 048
رَبِّ مُوسَى وَهَارُونَ [ 'the Lord of Musa and Haroon (عليهم السلام)'. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 049
قَالَ آَمَنْتُمْ لَهُ قَبْلَ أَنْ آَذَنَ لَكُمْ إِنَّهُ لَكَبِيرُكُمُ الَّذِي عَلَّمَكُمُ السِّحْرَ فَلَسَوْفَ تَعْلَمُونَ لَأُقَطِّعَنَّ أَيْدِيَكُمْ وَأَرْجُلَكُمْ مِنْ خِلَافٍ وَلَأُصَلِّبَنَّكُمْ أَجْمَعِينَ [Pharaoh shouted (at the magicians). 'How dare you believe in him before I give you permission? He must be your master who taught you the witchcraft. But soon you shall find out. I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides and crucify you all.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 050
قَالُوا لَا ضَيْرَ إِنَّا إِلَى رَبِّنَا مُنْقَلِبُونَ [They said, 'We do not mind as We will be returning to our Lord.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 051
إِنَّا نَطْمَعُ أَنْ يَغْفِرَ لَنَا رَبُّنَا خَطَايَانَا أَنْ كُنَّا أَوَّلَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ [ 'We hope that our Lord will forgive us for our sins, because we are the first believers.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 052
وَأَوْحَيْنَا إِلَى مُوسَى أَنْ أَسْرِ بِعِبَادِي إِنَّكُمْ مُتَّبَعُونَ [ And We revealed to Musa (عليه السلام) saying, 'Depart by night with My servants (the children of Israel), surely, you will be pursued.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 053
فَأَرْسَلَ فِرْعَوْنُ فِي الْمَدَائِنِ حَاشِرِينَ [ Then Pharaoh sent his marshals to the cities (to mobilize people).]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 054
إِنَّ هَؤُلَاءِ لَشِرْذِمَةٌ قَلِيلُونَ [ (Saying), the Children of Israel are a handful (as compared to our people), ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 055
وَإِنَّهُمْ لَنَا لَغَائِظُونَ [ who have really enraged us, ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 056
وَإِنَّا لَجَمِيعٌ حَاذِرُونَ [ while we have a large army, well prepared.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 057
فَأَخْرَجْنَاهُمْ مِنْ جَنَّاتٍ وَعُيُونٍ [ So We expelled them from (their) gardens and springs,]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 058
وَكُنُوزٍ وَمَقَامٍ كَرِيمٍ [ and from treasures and nice houses.]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 059
كَذَلِكَ وَأَوْرَثْنَاهَا بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ [ (This is how Pharaoh and his people were made to lose, while on the other hand) We made the Children of Israel inheritors of such things.]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 060
فَأَتْبَعُوهُمْ مُشْرِقِينَ [ So they (people of Pharaoh) pursued (the children of Israel) at sunrise. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 061
فَلَمَّا تَرَاءَى الْجَمْعَانِ قَالَ أَصْحَابُ مُوسَى إِنَّا لَمُدْرَكُونَ [ And when the two sides sighted one another, Musa's (عليه السلام) companions' (were scared and) said, 'We will be overtaken (by Pharaoh's army)!' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 062
قَالَ كَلَّا إِنَّ مَعِيَ رَبِّي سَيَهْدِينِ [ Musa's (عليه السلام) assured them and said, 'Surely, My Lord is with me and He will guide Me.' ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 063
فَأَوْحَيْنَا إِلَى مُوسَى أَنِ اضْرِبْ بِعَصَاكَ الْبَحْرَ فَانْفَلَقَ فَكَانَ كُلُّ فِرْقٍ كَالطَّوْدِ الْعَظِيمِ [ Then, We revealed to Musa's (عليه السلام) 'Strike the sea with your staff.' (And when he struck, ) it parted (the sea water), and each part looked like a mountain. ]


Juz 19, Ash-Shu'araa, Verse 064
وَأَزْلَفْنَا ثَمَّ الْآَخَرِينَ [ and We brought the pursuers right into it, ]






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